Headaches & Migraines

Chiropractic Treatment May Be What You Need to Stop Your Pain 

Spine Pain Center of Irmo offers functional medicine and chiropractic care for headaches. Whether your headaches or migraines are something you have dealt with as long as you can remember, or they are a result of a recent injury to your head or neck, we can help you with a comprehensive care plan that not only reduces your pain, but can increase your overall health and wellness. We are your Columbia chiropractors for all of your neck, back, and extremity pain. 


We Can Help You Improve Your Life with Migraine Treatment

We offer integrated or functional medicine, chiropractic care, and physical rehabilitation to provide our patients with the best in diagnostics, treatment options, and once they have recovered from their injury or chronic pain condition, give them the tools and information needed to stay well and even improve their health and wellness over time. 

Migraines and headaches can come on out of the blue even if you have never had head pain before. They can occur in children and stay as a chronic condition throughout their lives, and often occur after a traumatic injury to the neck or head. It is not at all uncommon to have your first migraine after a car accident. This is due to a variety of things, including neck and spinal alignment. Regular chiropractic adjustments, medical massage, physical therapy, and integrative medicine to help improve your overall health are all approaches that we take to reduce or eliminate migraines. 

What Is Integrative or Functional Medicine? 

Integrative medicine is an approach many doctors and other health care providers are taking that first addresses pressing symptoms to ease a patient’s pain using methods that are generally beneficial to the whole body. For example, instead of prescribing powerful pain medications that will mask your migraine pain, but also make you drowsy and affect the rest of your body's systems, an integrative medicine doctor will work to discover the exact cause of your headaches and come up with an effective treatment plan to heal the issue and improve whole body health. For example, we may be able to reduce your head pain with chiropractic adjustment and massage and prevent future flare-ups with nutritional counseling and physical therapy. 

Contact Us to Learn More about Chiropractic Care for Your Headaches & Migraines 

Spine Pain Center of Irmo is your Columbia chiropractor for all of your physical health needs. If you suffer from chronic head pain or have had recurring headaches since an injury, give us a call for a consultation at (803) 781-4092. We would be proud to be part of your wellness plan.  

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