Chiropractic Care in Columbia

Chiropractic Care at Spine Pain Center of Irmo

Our team of dedicated doctors and staff are here to provide some of the best chiropractic care using the most advanced and time tested treatments currently used. Our team of doctors will initially consult with our patients to truly understand the issues patients may be experiencing. We sit and listen to our patients problems so that we can get a better understanding of what they are feeling. Then a thorough examination is performed with our 20 point evaluation to pinpoint the precise area of concern. The appropriate diagnostic testing and procedures are performed mainly in our office so you don’t have to run around to make it to different appointments. Once we have consulted with a team of our physicians, a specific report of findings is put together for the patient that will answer all of the patients questions and concerns. We will let the patient know what is wrong, different ways to treat the problem, the appropriate treatment for them, and how long the recovery process will likely take. This is a very comprehensive plan that can be life changing for patients. We pride ourselves on outstanding care with the following procedures:

Chiropractic adjustments:

These are specifically coordinated and gentle procedures to help realign the spine and associated structures to their proper positions — which allows the bones, spine, joints, muscles, nerves, and soft tissue to heal properly and retrain these structures. This procedure has been done for thousands of years, but for more than 120 years we have called it chiropractic manipulation, and have had over 85 percent success rates reported by patients with a variety of conditions.

Myofascial release technique:

This specific procedure is used to help mobilize joints of the spine and surrounding areas to improve function, movement, and structure. This is a gentle procedure that produces tremendous results in the body of the patient and aids in the overall speed of recover and healing.

Graston technique and/or stripping:

These are specific techniques that help to breakdown adhesive changes that occur in soft tissue, joints, around bones, muscles, and nerves. This is a relaxing form of treatment that will allow the patient’s body to improve its overall function, aid in mobility, and improve vascular blood flow, relax muscle, stimulate nerve function, and so much more.

If you are interested in learning more about our chiropractic care services or believe that you could benefit from chiropractic care, contact the Spine Pain Center today! With three locations in North Charleston, Columbia, and Mount Pleasant, you can find the chiropractic care you need close by.

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