Physical Rehabilitation in Columbia

Physical Rehabilitation at Spine Pain Center of Irmo in Columbia, SC

Injuries and musculoskeletal disorders can cause pain, decrease your mobility and even result in permanent disability if not properly treated. A big part of that treatment is often physical rehabilitation or physical therapy. At Spine Pain Center of Irmo, we offer both physical therapy and chiropractic services to help you heal.

Physical Rehabilitation – What to Expect

No matter what the problem, the goal of physical therapy treatment is to help reduce pain and increase mobility. Exercise is the primary component of this treatment, although other strategies – called modalities – are also used. Passive exercise is an exercise in which the therapist applies stress to your body to help increase flexibility and range of motion or improve your strength. You perform active exercises using your own power. Both of these have a place in physical rehabilitation. You might go to a clinic or office, be treated in the hospital or even receive treatment in your own home; a home exercise program is nearly always a component of your rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Assessment

The first step in any kind of treatment is an assessment. In the case of physical therapy, the assessment is focused on your ability to perform basic activities like walking or lifting as well as your endurance. Once the assessment is complete, the physical therapist will develop a treatment plan and the two of you will set goals. The assessment includes:

  • Balance
  • Cardiac function
  • Flexibility
  • Joint mobility
  • Neurological function
  • Functional mobility
  • Pain
  • Pulmonary function
  • Range of motion
  • Strength.

Physical Rehabilitation Treatments

Exercise is the primary treatment in all physical rehabilitation programs. An exercise program includes cardiovascular fitness training or aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility training, and balance exercises. You need endurance to perform exercises and your daily activities. Flexibility promotes function and strength that allows you to walk, climb stairs, or lift weights. Balance is key to preventing falls. Other treatments include massage, heat, cold, and water therapy.

Physical Therapy Tools

Physical therapists use a wide variety of tools. Ultrasound is a form of deep heat used to treat conditions like tendinitis. Electrical stimulation can help decrease pain or contract muscles in a form of exercise. Ionophoresis is a form of electrical stimulation used to deliver medication through the skin. Traction can relieve pain in the spine by gently stretching and separating the joints. Massage and joint mobilization are treatments in which the therapist uses his or her hands and body as tools. Laser therapy uses a specific wavelength of light to improve the healing process.

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